Announcing EXOS Wrist DK2 Price Cut

exiii cuts price of EXOS Wrist DK2 from 600,000JPY to 300,000JPY (approx. 2,700USD) as of May 28th, 2019.



Announcing 50% Price Cut


Since its launch, EXOS Wrist DK2 has been used by customers from large corporations, mainly for 3D design review and VR training.


However, since customers needed to prepare a headset and a VR-ready PC in addition to EXOS Wrist DK2, it’s not been easy to integrate for their needs.


Meanwhile, stand-alone VR headsets with hand tracking technology and 6DoF controllers, which are critical elements for haptic experiences, have started to become available in the market.


On top of that, in July 2019, one of the top haptic international conferences, IEEE World Haptics, will take place in Japan.


exiii sees this as a great opportunity to encourage adoption of haptic technology and thus has decided a major price reduction at this timing.


For purchase of EXOS Wrist DK2, please go to





Launching EXOS Custom Studio


Along with this announcement, exiii is also launching “EXOS Custom Studio,” a customized haptic experience development service.



EXOS SDK has been continuously updated to make it easy for EXOS users to integrate haptic experiences. But from a number of user feedback, exiii found there are still times it is difficult for customers to simulate the use cases. By introducing a new way to share exiii’s expertise, exiii wishes to lower the barriers for haptic feedback implementation.


As a result, exiii is starting to provide an all-in-one service, from conducting customer’s problem hearing, evaluating and proposing the best methods for haptic feedback implementation, to the actual software and hardware custom development.


exiii is now accepting inquiries of EXOS Custom Studio. Please contact us at