Launching EXOS Wrist Hand Tracking Edition

exiii announces “EXOS Wrist Hand Tracking Edition.” It combines hand tracking technology and palm-based force feedback generated by the company’s main product, EXOS Wrist DK2.



Launching EXOS Wrist Hand Tracking Edition


EXOS Wrist DK2, a wrist-based wearable haptic device, was released in Oct 2018. It was designed to work with existing hand-held controllers, such as Oculus Touch and Vive Controller, to make haptic experience integration as easy as possible for developers. As a result of user feedback, we now recognize that hand tracking is one of the most sought after features. With this launch, you will be able to move your fingers freely just like your physical hand, which enables much more intuitive virtual interaction.


Hand tracking is realized by integrating existing hand tracking devices, including glove-type and optical-based technologies.




On top of this, exiii is also announcing EXOS Unity SDK v1.1.0 update releasing today. It comes with a major algorithm update to enhance and improve your VR experiences.


exiii co-founder and CEO Hiroshi Yamaura states, “We’ve conducted numerous trials and user hearings since the launch of EXOS Wrist DK2. One of the key findings is that a lot of users, especially in the manufacturing industry, want to accurately understand how humans interact with work-in-progress products at the early design stage. To achieve this, we needed to make it possible for users to make various hand postures to touch the 3D data, like pushing a button with an index finger or tilting a lever with a palm etc. If you want to evaluate your design with this kind of specific requirements, please contact us and try our demo.”



exiii is now accepting inquiries and demos requests. Please contact us from here.