exiii releases EXOS Wrist DK2

exiii launches a new wrist wearable VR haptic device, EXOS Wrist DK2.



The previous model, EXOS Wrist DK1, which was released in February 2018, was only distributed in limited numbers due to manufacturing restrictions. The EXOS Wrist DK2’s design has been revamped in such a way that allows for the device to be produced in larger quantities and thus is available to any developer who wants to push the boundaries of VR experiences. Improved features include significant reduction in weight, improved wearability, and richer haptic reproduction (different levels of hardness, weight, texture of virtual objects can represented via improvements in software).


EXOS Wrist DK2

(1) About

By applying counter force to 2 directions, palmer / dorsal flexion and radial / ulnar abduction, EXOS Wrist DK2 simulates haptic feedback when you touch virtual objects.​

Weight of the device is now 350g, which is 3 times lighter than the previous model, EXOS Wrist DK1, making it possible to use the device with both hands for longer periods of time. The wearability is also significantly improved while covering various hand sizes. Moreover, the device is more sanity since all the materials touching the skin are now sweatproof.

Since your hand is always open, EXOS Wrist DK2 can be used with peripherals such as the VIVE Controller or Oculus Touch, which will make it easy for developers to transform existing VR contents to touchable experience.

The development kit will come with an updated Unity SDK. You will have access and control of richer haptic feedback including different levels of hardness, weight, and texture.


(2) Specs

  • Number of motors: 2
  • Motor torque: 20[N・cm]
  • Connection: Wired connection via USB or wireless connection via Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 350[g]
  • Power: Battery
  • Battery: 11.1[V] / 980[mAh]
  • Battery life: 2.5[h]


(3) Plan

  • Perpetual purchase: 1 hand 600,000JPY (approx. 5,300USD)
    • Device
    • 6 months product warranty
    • Customer support via email
  • Subscription: 1 hand 50,000JPY / month (approx. 440USD)
    • Device rental
    • Free product replace / repair
    • Customer support via email



exiii will exhibit at VR/AR/MR Business EXPO Tokyo on October 4th and demonstrate EXOS Wrist DK2.

  • 10:00am-6:00pm October 4th, 2018
  • AKIBA_SQUARE Akihabara UDX 2F, 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Inside HTC booth



Orders and detailed information regarding the EXOS Wrist DK2 are available via the link below.

Purchasing EXOS DK2: https://exiii.jp