Known Issues about ViveInputUtility 1.8.0



ViveInputUtility (v1.8.0), which EXOS Unity SDK uses, currently has following known issues under our dev environment.

  • Device is not tracked when scene starts
  • When you open SteamVR menu, the device starts to get tracked


As a temporary solution, you can use older version of ViveInputUtility to avoid this issue. If you encounter this problem, please consider this solution for now.





EXOS Unity SDK で使用しております ViveInputUtility(最新版 1.8.0) に関して、弊社環境において、以下の不具合が確認されています。

  • シーン開始時にデバイスがトラッキングされない
  • SteamVRのメニュー画面を一度開くと、その後トラッキングされるようになる